We specialize in SAAS Product Development

We specialize in building cloud based software products. With a creative team ready to conceive, design and develop all features required for your software product or service. Our rich experience in SaaS development encompasses the full range of architectural and functional building blocks required to deliver successful solutions.

Medical Faculty Recruitment
  • Work Smarter - Built specifically for medical faculty recruiters.
  • Recruitment analytics dashboard and reporting.
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Fulfillment of all Medical faculty selection criteria.
  • Unlimited power and customization possibilities.
Medical Faculty Project – TEKIT
Helpdesk Project – TEKIT
Tek HelpDesk
  • Ticket for every issue which make sure you does not miss any query.
  • Efficient ticket system that lets customers track their open issues.
  • Flexible reporting, tracking and problem resolution tools.
  • For fast action based on the urgency, tickets can be prioritized.
  • A user friendly mobile application for end user for tracking issues.
  • Record real-time attendance which is capture from varied sources.
  • View real-time attendance info who’s in office and at what time.
  • Geo Mark Attendance Marking feature.
  • Employees can view attendance information in a user-friendly view.
  • Capture attendance from mobile app
AMS Project – TEKIT
Blood Bank Project - TEKIT
Tek BloodBank
  • Secure signup with mobile number verification.
  • Instant Blood Request by Location & Location based donors search.
  • Realtime notification to Blood Donors.
  • Get the available donors list who accepted.
  • You can call donor directly, Send SMS and Whatsapp donors details