Project: Ledger Management System

LMS – Ledger Management System Useful for managing the entry of ledger in a simple way. All Income and expense related records are not digital and managed manually on the papers. It’s taking too much time to make reports and maintain records.

Region: India
Industry: Nagar Palika Nigam
Time duration: 3 Months
Staff: Tester, Sr. Developer, Jr. Developer Team Leader
Technologies used: VB.NET, DataBase: MS Access


1. Secured System :
- User transactions are recorded with user-name and time and action type (Log file).
- User has a unique name and password.

2. Friendly System:
- LMS – Ledger Management System used standard statements and expressions.
- All screens are shared the same way in data manipulation.
- All screens have the same interface.
- Option to print Document.
- Search as per date.

3. Easy To Use:
- LMS – Ledger Management System Worked under windows environment.
- Menus and Popup screens.

4. Controlled:
- Auto Serial Numbers.
- Auto Restriction for Data Entry.
- Give the manager full control and a wide view.

5. Full Support:
- Training.
- Ability to add and modify any report required.

6. Database (Microsoft SQL Server / MySql Server):
- Secured database.
- Store huge data.
- Auto backup Database

7. Tools •
- Full Search system.
- Easy and Flexible search system (any part of statement).

8. Print Documents
- Easy to print Ledger for Searched File.

9. Operations:
Ability to create and save Information file to all Basic Reference used by user such as:
-Secure Login.
- Able to create Payment Voucher
- Able to create Receipt Voucher
- Able to add Ledger Entry.
- Able to Add, update, Edit and Delete Party Name.
- Able to Add, update, Edit and Delete Colliery Name.
- Able to Filter and view records by Party name.
- Able to Filter and view records by Party name and Date wise.
- Able to Print Ledger.

:: Number of View / Pages::

1. Login Page:
Here users put the username and password only after that they are able to login in the application.

2. Add Party Name:
You are able to add any number of party names.

3. View Party Page:
You are able to view the party name with the edit and delete option.

4. Edit Party Page
You are able to Edit Party Name.

5. Delete Party Name:
When you want to delete any party name then it asks for confirmation

6. View Colliery Page:
You are able to view the Colliery name with the edit and delete option.

7. Edit Colliery Page:
You are able to Edit Colliery Name.

8. Delete Colliery Name:
When you want to delete any Colliery name then it ask for confirmation.

9. Inward Ledger (Purchase) Entry:
you are able to make the entry of the Inward Ledger with the details. In The given form Apart from Advance, Freight and GST all the remaining details are mandatory.

7. Edit Colliery Page:
You are able to Edit Colliery Name.

Solutions: :

Ledger Management systems help to maintain the income and expense records digitally. Now it’s easy for them to maintain records and take reports properly.

Result: :

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