The databases, servers, APIs, logic, etc. are what goes behind the scenes of website development. These remain hidden from the user but are the most important factors for the website’s performance. With a specialized team, we are ready to create a strong backend for your software solutions.


An open-source scripting language developed in 1994 named PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor has been a game-changer in web development services. The fast and secure execution makes the task easy for the users.


Laravel is a free PHP web framework that builds custom web apps and handles all the annoying and lengthy tasks of the users. It makes your web development experience creative and fun.


Managing various tasks with a high speed can only be achieved through the open-source software called Codelgniter while building dynamic websites. The thrill of its speed increases the excitement of building amazing websites with ease.


A pure object-oriented web application with flexible URL routing with no doubt is what you need to simplify your common tasks. The combined creation of Zeev and Andi has made a reliable source for website creation for users all over the world.


A high-class object-oriented programming language with its own runtime environment and APIs has made this technology a boom even today. This class-based language named Java had been created to reduce implementation dependencies while working on web development.


In the time of expanding technological priority, .NET has been the demanding language among Windows users. With the bunch of latest features, the versions have been updated and become an important Microsoft creation.


The design of this general-purpose high=level programming level focuses on code readability based on significant indentation. The users can easily write clear and logical codes for various complex projects using this language.

Node JS

Many great companies have adopted this JAVAScript Runtime environment for an effortless and fast web development process due to the simple and logical codes Node JS offers for its users.

MEAN Stack

The stack of four well-known technologies based on the JAVAScript framework has been efficiently used for developing websites. A MEAN application uses the same language for server-side and client-side execution, therefore, increasing the demand for dynamic website and web application development.

MERN Stack

The name of this variation of MEAN Stack is based on the four technologies that this framework uses. For fast and affordable web development this stack has been on the priority list of the users.

Blood Bank Project - TEKIT
Custom Development
  • Data integration and error handling
  • Code that manages and implements data
  • The effortless and swift development process
  • Affordable source for creative development
  • Integrating all the servers without defaults
Esteemed Clients


We trust TekIT. We are using the multiple Applications developed by TekIT as per our requirement. These Applications helped us in automating the traditional manual processes and we achieved a hike in overall efficiency.

- Armaf

At Armaf, we are a couture collection of luxury french perfumes designer fragrances that exude class, style & elegance. TekIT provided us with an effective online sales platform and suggested us with strategic sales approach which accelerated our business.

- Alankaram

TekIT Solution keeps doing what comes naturally to them which is building teams with their clients, partners and creating exceptional software development and support. Job well done. I have used them since 2018 for offshore development. Congratulations to all your teams.


We've been working together with TekIT Solution for more than 01 years now and it is has been a very positive experience for me and my company. TekIT Solution has been a trusted partner and always willing to help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and in general work done has been very high. I would recommend them.

- Lalitpur Municipal Corporation

We have been working with TekIT Solution for two years to develop a software application that supports the company’s daily activities. The TekIT Solution team is highly responsive and professional providing us with great problem solving on a daily basis. They are a tremendous extension of our team.

- Apni Dukan

TekIT Solution has not only met my expectations, they have exceeded them. I have provided most of the specs for the project which is application, which they have executed faithfully. I can highly recommend this company which has at all times in the development cycle of our project has met.

- Pinkz Fashion Boutique

We were recommended to TekIT Solution by another company to look after our Digital Marketing. Since retaining them, they have managed our Digital Marketing Services

- Ganesh Agro

TekIT Solution has done a great job taking our company's ideas and developing a website as per our niche specifications. The team is technicaly strong and creative. I'll not hesitate to recommend them.

- Rajawat Group

TekIT Solution is the best. I was reluctant with my partner to approach this venture again until we met the team at TekIT Solution. They took all my doubts and threw them out of the window. They took what we asked for and did the job for and did the job for us.

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